2017 Awardee

Rebecca Rolfe

Executive Director, San Francisco LGBT Center

As Executive Director of the San Francisco LGBT Center, Rebecca Rolfe is passionately committed to addressing and overcoming inequalities based on gender, race, economic status, and sexual orientation.  The SF LGBT Center connects 10,000 diverse LGBTQ community members each month to opportunities, resources and each other in order to achieve a shared vision for a stronger, healthier and more equitable world.

In its newly remodeled, state-of-the-art 37,000 square foot building in the historic Castro District, the Center is a cornerstone of San Francisco’s LGBTQ community, providing critical safety net services such as economic and community development, employment and housing support, harm reduction services, meals for homeless youth, and a safe space for all.

Rebecca has been with the Center almost since its doors opened in 2002, previously serving as Deputy Director for four years before becoming Executive Director.  Prior to joining the Center, she was Executive Director of San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR), leading innovative crisis intervention and social change programs after serving as a hotline counselor on the 24-hour rape crisis line.  Rebecca credits a 35-year commitment to social justice and community activism to her mother, who taught her the power of individuals to make a difference.

In honor of its 15th Anniversary this year, the Center has just completed a watershed $7M renovation to ensure that it will serve future generations of LGBTQ people.  Rebecca has led the Center into a new era of revenue growth and financial stability.  At this historic and challenging time for LGBTQ rights – when we have seen landmark advances including marriage equality, but still have so much to accomplish for transgender and other rights – the Center is stronger than ever and ready to bring the LGBTQ community together to achieve social, racial and economic justice for all.

During her sabbatical, Rebecca plans to spend time with her partner and their two dogs in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington, and to fulfill a lifelong dream of travelling along the Mediterranean.  Beyond an opportunity to recharge, this sabbatical will allow Rebecca and her strong leadership team to redefine community needs and the pivotal role the Center will play in the challenging times ahead.  “I am enormously proud of all that the Center and our community have accomplished” Rebecca said.  “This time to reflect is important and I will return ready to engage in the work that lies ahead for our vibrant LGBTQ community and our march toward equality for all.”