2024 Awardee

Daniel Hogue

Executive Director, Las Trampas School, Inc.

Daniel Hogue (he/him) is the Executive Director of Las Trampas School, Inc., which supports adults in Contra Costa County with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to discover their capabilities and lead full lives in their home, work, and community. Las Trampas’ innovative programs and services are designed to respect the individuality of each participant, prioritize autonomy and choice, create meaningful opportunities for learning, and promote the greatest self-sufficiency possible. The COVID pandemic was particularly challenging for IDD providers and communities, and Las Trampas led the way for East Bay providers in pivoting their services from a traditional in-person model to remote services. Despite challenging times, Las Trampas recently moved its day program into a new state-of-the-art campus, one of the most advanced facilities in the country for people with disabilities and on the autism spectrum.

Daniel became the Executive Director of Las Trampas in 2011 and has 30 years of experience working with developmentally disabled people of all ages. He began working in the field in 1993 as a Community Outreach Worker and has been serving individuals with disabilities ever since. Alongside his duties at Las Trampas, Daniel builds critical regional alliances with government, nonprofit, and funding entities on behalf of the IDD community. As Daniel states, “EVERYONE has something to contribute! Ability or disability aside, everyone has value. I have seen individuals with severe and even profound disabilities be able to communicate love and compassion and brighten peoples’ days.”

After the stress of overseeing a capital campaign and construction of the new campus, Daniel’s sabbatical will allow him to decompress, invest in mindfulness and self-care, and set a foundation for a healthy work/life balance.  He is also planning a dream vacation to Italy to research his family roots and spend some much-needed time at wellness retreats.