2018 Awardee

Margaret Libby

Founder & CEO, MyPath

Margaret Libby is the Founding Executive Director of MyPath, a national nonprofit organization founded in San Francisco’s Mission District to promote upward economic mobility for low-income working youth.  Since her start in 2007, Margaret has led MyPath’s pioneering work to demonstrate the effectiveness of integrated banking, savings and credit-building in youth employment settings.  MyPath has attracted national recognition as the only rigorously tested and proven youth financial capacity model in the U.S., with 85% of youth participants meeting their personal financial goals, and collectively saving more than $2.5M.  With models rooted in youth leadership, collaboration and technology, MyPath has received numerous awards for impact and innovation, and now has partnerships running in 12 cities across the country.

Margaret is a founding member of Nonprofit Leaders in Financial Techonlogy (nLIFT), serves on the Board of Directors of Credit Builders Alliance, and has co-authored numerous publications around youth financial capability, youth leadership development, and predatory lending.  After ten successful years growing MyPath, Margaret will use her sabbatical to refuel, while strengthening the incredible and recently configured senior team that stands poised to step into greater leadership.  During her sabbatical, she plans to spend time with her family, travel internationally, write and learn to surf.

Margaret says “It is nearly impossible to get ahead in this country without saving and borrowing tools, yet far too many young people grow up without access to them. I want to grow our reach and put these tools into the hands of low-income young people of color across the U.S. so they can access opportunity, and become powerful leaders and advocates for themselves, their families, and their communities.  My last real break ten years ago led to the launch of MyPath and I can’t wait to take my O2 sabbatical and return recharged for all that lies ahead.”